This is your home high above the ground. These are your airy, spacious rooms that fill with light from floor-to-ceiling-high windows. That's your balcony where you can greet each magnificent day, freshly squeezed glass of orange juice in hand. That's your living room, where friends and family can enjoy canapés as the sun sets over the ocean.

Serai offers apartment living that's second to none. The latest building technology brings smart lighting and keyless entry all the way to your door. Superior acoustic isolation systems have been used throughout, including walls, floors and ceilings. Double-glazing welcomes in the views, but not the cold and heat.

One Bedroom Residences from $569,000
Two Bedroom Residences from $819,000

Three Bedroom Residences from $1,250,000
Four Bedroom Residences from $3,350,000

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Imagine waking up and taking a quick stroll down to the beach to watch the gulls hover over a blue sea. That's a special way to greet the day.

Over three meticulously constructed storeys, Serai's townhouses offer space, privacy and a location that’s second to none.

Townhouse living combines amenity with sanctuary. You come home to your garage, your gardens, even your own elevator.

Character and substance abound in every room. Spacious rooms with high ceilings and double glazing are full of northern light.

Design and layout can be adapted to suit your individual lifestyle. This is, after all, your home and should reflect who you are.

The townhouses feature all of the technology that appears in Serai's apartments including smart lighting and keyless entry. Without question, the townhouses offer the very best of both worlds.

Townhouses from $2,095,000

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Try as you might, you can't escape the epic scenery that surrounds the penthouses at Serai. Almost touching the clouds, you can see the ocean, the river, the Darling Ranges and there, in the distance, Rottnest Island. It's like you're floating high above the world. It's a celebration of location.

The craftsmanship is immaculate. Each palatial room is steeped in uncompromising quality and design.

And while life is a delight inside, at this altitude, lounging on the enormous terrace with 360-degree panoramas is an experience that will forever remain a sensory treat.

Each penthouse can be custom-designed around you and what you want in your home in the sky. Though the word home doesn't quite fit the life that's on offer up here. There's just nothing like this life, elevated.

“We are creating something that is truly special. A place that people are proud
to call home.”

Jamie Clarke


Design to taste.

Renowned Interior Designer, Misha Pesnelle, has given Serai a signature aesthetic. One that is clean and sleek that highlights the architecture and, of course, the views. Choose from a selection of 3 distinct schemes below to give your home the look you want in either standard or elevated finishes.

3 Distinct Schemes






Bay Residences

Shore Residences

Bay Residences

Shore Residences

Bay Residences

Shore Residences

Bay Residences

Shore Residences