One world, our world.

Sustainable living reaches new heights with Serai. This is an environment that has been made to look after the environment.

Many of the green initiatives at work will also enhance the health and wellbeing of all residents. It's the best kind of win-win.

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Stars of the show.

Apartments and townhouses will have an average 7-star NatHERS energy rating. Green power, double glazing and smart metering give you more control over your energy and water use. You can enjoy an impactful life without the environmental impact. It’s an impact that will also be reflected in the reduced living costs.

Socially minded.

It's not just about the physical. Feeling a part of a community does wonders for mental health and there is as much community as you want at Serai. All residents can connect via an online web portal and, for those who want to connect the old fashioned way, there's the makers studio, outdoor cinema, yoga studio, games room and more.


You want to get the most out of life and Serai has the amenities to help you do just that. It's easy to access the gardens. A walk amongst fragrant blooms in the sun is wonderfully therapeutic. On a practical note, a number of Serai's facilities make keeping active convenient and enjoyable.

Green cars,
greener gardens.

EV charging stations for electric vehicles future-proofs Serai, as do other innovative features like the organic waste recycling plant. This will produce fertilisers to be used to keep this green development even greener.

High bar for technology.

Serai has swapped today for tomorrow.

These are just some of the innovative technological benefits of living at Serai.