A Higher Love

Boats sailing up the river, surfers dancing on the waves of the ocean, the twinkling lights of the city skyline and Rottnest Island. These are the living paintings that will forever decorate the glass walls of your home. Serai’s Penthouse Collection is without compromise.

Each palatial room is steeped in uncompromising quality and design. And while life is a delight inside, at this altitude, lounging on the enormous terrace with 360-degree panoramas is an experience that will forever remain a sensory treat.

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The Eyrie

Simply pick a direction, walk onto the wrap-around balcony and enjoy. The Eyrie on level 7 marks the absolute pinnacle of style, quality and space. This is the very height of living, both inside and out. The soaring ceilings and expansive windows will make you feel like you’re floating on top of the world.

The horizon is yours. It’s also yours to share. It's a place to entertain family and friends in enviable style. The craftsmanship is immaculate.

The views from the enormous master bedroom and ensuite are just as stunning.

A soak in the Swiss-made tub as you peer into the infinite blue will wash all those cares away.

* Fully customisable interior floorplan
* Custom finish
* Private lift lobby
* Multiple living areas
* Scullery
* Wine cellar
* Private pool and decking

* Four Bedroom Penthouse $14,000,000

The Sub-penthouses

There is a choice of sub–penthouses within the collection and a high level of detail has gone into each and every one. There’s simply no substitute for quality up here.

Spacious rooms make each penthouse feel as vast and airy as the views that delight from the windows and balconies. The Penthouse Collection epitomises the vision of Serai.

It’s a landmark development located at the top of a hill near both the river and the beach that effortlessly connects with the land.

With resort-style facilities, private dining and entertainment spaces, concierge services and a hotel-style lobby, Serai is a place where you’ll get the absolute most out of life. If you want a unique home within a unique project, Serai’s Penthouse Collection is for you.

* Three Bedroom Sub-penthouse $3,950,000

* Four Bedroom Sub-penthouse from $3,990,000

The Beauty Within

The level of finish is an indulgence for the senses. You can see it in the timeless elegance of the interior design. You can feel it as you run your hand over the hand-cut Italian marble and curves of the Laufen bathtub.

It’s there as you turn the precision-machined Sussex taps and dials on your state-of-the-art V-ZUG ovens. Senses don’t lie, this is a finely crafted, beautifully imagined home.

The stylish colours and textures of the interior design options have been created by renowned interior designer Misha Pesnelle. Each complement the elements that surround Serai. Your home is just as much a part of the environment as the sand on the beach or the swans on he river.

Each penthouse can be custom-designed around you and what you want in your home. Though the word home doesn't quite fit the life that's on offer up here. There's just nothing like this life, elevated.

“The true essence of Serai's Penthouse interiors is defined by simplicity and elegance.”

Misha Pesnelle

Interior Designer

Penthouse Gallery