Uniquely North Fremantle.

Ask anyone who lives in this part of the world and they’ll tell you how singular a place it is. Some might say that North Fremantle gets its character from its industrial past. Others might point to the steady rejuvenation of the area.

Whether by design or by default, few suburbs have what North Fremantle does.

It’s a quality that’s difficult to define, but wonderful to be a part of.

Everywhere you want to be.

What's there to say about this part of the world? Dining at an award-winning restaurant, walking along on the beach, kayaking up the Swan, fishing off the jetty. It's all right here.

A few minutes along Stirling Highway and Claremont will come into view, along with its boutique shopping. Head the opposite direction and you’ll find yourself in the middle of Fremantle. There’s little life offers that can’t be had in the port city.





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