The making of Serai.

Serai’s contoured lines have been created by award-winning architect Felipe Soto. Inspired by the cliffs of the Amalfi Coast and the unique geography in and around McCabe Street. It’s a building that connects effortlessly with the land, adding to it, but never dominating.

The façade mirrors the colourful world that surrounds it. The greens from the parks and gardens, the blue of the sky, the soft, white cloud that floats from balcony to balcony. This is no static monument. Serai is alive, moving to rhythms of the day.

Serai Vision Film

See the vision for Serai below.

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“Serai aims to create a seamless connection between interior spaces, outdoor areas and
the abundant nature surrounding the building.”

Felipe Soto


Elegance at

Wherever you stand, on whatever level, every effort has been taken to get the most out of the location. The communal levels are stunning to take in with cathedral-high ceilings and an airy, natural flow from elegant space to elegant space.

"There are not many areas in Perth where you can walk out your front door and be so in touch with the elements.“

Stephen Vitale

Sales Agent & North Freo Local

Gardens by design.

The landscaped gardens upon which Serai stands have been carefully designed. Not just plots of green, but different gardens that flow from one to the next, each with its own characteristic and identity. To move through them is like moving through different rooms in an open air palace.

The design includes riverine and coastal plants that are indigenous to the region. Walk amongst stoic paperbarks and eucalypts. Take a seat beside flowering hibiscuses and grevilleas. Materials for paths and stairs are also sympathetic to North Fremantle. Limestone, pale brick and mottled concrete adds colour and texture to the lush greenery.

A world in

Ordinarily we would wax lyrical about the views, but there is nothing words can do that the pictures don’t themselves. At Serai, the views are worth the price of admission alone.