Life, elevated.

It rises, unique level by unique level, marking its place on the North Fremantle landscape.
Serai isn’t a building. In its curves you see a winding river. In its façade you see coastal cliffs scarred by time. This is a sculpture that emerges from the land and reaches for the sky. A sculpture that’s home.

Look in any direction and hold your breath. The panoramas will do their best to take it away. On one side, a cloud floats above a rolling sea of greens and blues. Turn your head and there’s the Swan River lit by a waking sun.

This is life, elevated.

Uniquely North Fremantle.

North Fremantle has a vibe that’s all its own. It may sit between Cottesloe and Fremantle, but it is different to both. A suburb with a past that has been revitalized for today with lots of hidden gems just waiting to be discovered.

Live it up.

The views within your home are just as enchanting as the views without. Surfaces are finished in stone hewn from the walls of an ancient Italian volcano. Fittings and appliances wouldn’t be out of place in an art gallery. This is modern living beautifully designed.


This is your home high above the ground. These are your airy, spacious rooms that fill with light from floor-to-ceiling-high windows. That's your balcony where you greet each magnificent day. That's your living room, where you watch the sunset over the ocean.


Imagine waking in the morning to watch gulls hover over a blue sea. That's a special way to greet the day. Over three meticulously constructed storeys, Serai's townhouses offer space, privacy and stunning views.

Townhouse living combines amenity with sanctuary. You come home to your garage, your gardens, even your own elevator. Character and substance abound in every room. Large rooms with high ceilings full of northern light. Design and layout can be adapted to suit your individual lifestyle. This is, after all, your home and should reflect who you are.

“We wanted to create spaces where you can come together and meet your neighbours.”

Felipe Soto